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Instructional Video Library

   Mike Phillips demonstrates Optimum's New Opti-Clean Waterless Wash
   Mike Phillips Introduces 3 Brand New Products from Poorboy's World
   In the Garage with S100
   Mike Phillips demonstrates the Kwazar Mercury Pro + Spray Bottle
   How to wash your car using a Grit Guard and the Two Bucket Method
   How to clean leather seats with Bryan Fuller and Mike Phillips
   How to use the Daytona Speedmaster Wheel Brush
   How to use a rinseless wash and a waterless wash with Bryan Fuller and Mike Phillips
   Optimum Hyper Compound at Autogeek's Show Car Garage!
   How to Pick a Polisher
   Optimum Hyper Polish Spray
   Flitz Visits Autogeek's Show Car Garage and demonstrates how to polish a aluminum mag wheel.
   How to use detailing clay
   How to apply a synthetic paint sealant by hand without instilling swirls
   How to use the Cyclo Polisher to remove swirls, water spots and scratches
   How to clean and protect your convertible top
    Mike Phillips demonstrates how to properly use the "Straight Line" technique when applying a Carnauba Wax.
   Mike Phillips demonstrates how to restore faded, cloudy headlights using the DiamonditeĀ® Clear Plastic System Kit.
   Mike Phillips demonstrates how to properly clean your buffing pads with using The Universal Pad Washer.
   Porter Cable Polisher Techniques
   Wash Bucket Systems
   Brittany Models a 1994 Porsche at Autogeek's Show Car Garage Studio
   Autogeek Supports Operation Comfort for Disabled Veterans
   Buffing Pads, Backing Plates and
   Two "Must Have" Car Washing Tools
The Brass Shut-off Valve & Brass Quick
   Autogeek at Sema Show 2009